k a t y (crazy_wild_love) wrote,
k a t y

i just took the quickest shower of my life, thinking sara was going to be able to sleep over,
but then my mom&dad were little bitches and said no, so whatever;
once they go to bed, im going to meet sara and were going for a walk;

well the past week, i was super sick, only went to school for 2 days,
and i only went those 2 days so i could go to ski club;
it was our last ski club, and just my luck, the boys werent there;
but whatever, its all good. . .
lys&i boarded again, and i must say, we did awesome;
lys fell a few times, i didnt fall once, i was excited, aha;
it was fun, next year were debating whether to board or ski, hmm;

sometime soon im dying my hair, once again;
havent decided what color this time yet though,
gosh im killing my hair, but oh well;
it will get used to it, right?

i need to go tanning, let me tell you;
at some cheap hotels they put tanning lights in them!
me and brat discovered that in SC, aha;
and that hotel was CHEAP, let me tell you, we were soo scared someone was gonna kill us, aha;
great timea, NC&SC. . . BRAD&PAUL, ahh yes;

i HATE my hair.
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