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home from school again becuase i couldnt move my wrist last night,
but at least i can move it today and its not broken;

canada tomorrow! yes, this should be fun;
theres a shit load of people going;
i dont even know who haha, oh well;

i dont know whats up with my "best friends" lately;
they always tell me they cant talk, or they cant hang out, but then go and do other stuff without me;
it seems like the only time they even wanna hang out with me is if they wanna hang out with nick or chris;
and i dindt even do anything to them, and thats pretty fucked up if thats whats going on, but whatever, i guess;

haha happy mel? im updating, becuase i never do;
oh well theres not much to say, besides, i swear to god mel if you quit lacrosse, im going to kill you;
i can practice for a week, thats it, but i'll still go, so you are playing, and thats that.

k well thats it, bye.
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