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i hate this thing, yet im actually writing in it;

it was a fun weekend i guess, friday was pretty boring, but no big eh?
went out with alex and them, yeah im done with that.

sat i went to alyssa's and we went jet skiing for a bit, that was great;
we def. fell off twice, and it was freezing, but it was fun anyway;
after that me lys and mo walked to sullivans, and met kato joey and noah there,
then headed back to katos and chilled, AWH andrew came to see alyssa. haha;
then we slept at my house, me and lys played "cards" haha, whatever.
today we tanned on my roof yo, and im burnt/tannish, YES.

no school for me tomorrow, im going to work with my mom for a field trip.
shes going to the zoo, YES.

ahh VA '06, me kato and lys are partyen it up yo.
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