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k a t y

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2 cant find a way♥ running out of words

[17 Dec 2005|11:49pm]

who even uses these anymoreee?

3 cant find a way♥ running out of words

[22 Jul 2005|09:54pm]
[ mood | hyper ]

well im at lyssas and my summer is not blowing...
ive been working at the splash park( which to kato is "all i ever talk about" ) but i seriously do live there lately and then been hanging out with the best girls ever<333 well im totally done updating this live journal. leave a comment if you want.

4 cant find a way♥ running out of words

[14 Jun 2005|12:31pm]
i love how i get left out of everything;

wow this summer is going to blow.

2 cant find a way♥ running out of words

[05 Jun 2005|09:45pm]
[ mood | awake ]

i hate this thing, yet im actually writing in it;

it was a fun weekend i guess, friday was pretty boring, but no big eh?
went out with alex and them, yeah im done with that.

sat i went to alyssa's and we went jet skiing for a bit, that was great;
we def. fell off twice, and it was freezing, but it was fun anyway;
after that me lys and mo walked to sullivans, and met kato joey and noah there,
then headed back to katos and chilled, AWH andrew came to see alyssa. haha;
then we slept at my house, me and lys played "cards" haha, whatever.
today we tanned on my roof yo, and im burnt/tannish, YES.

no school for me tomorrow, im going to work with my mom for a field trip.
shes going to the zoo, YES.

ahh VA '06, me kato and lys are partyen it up yo.

6 cant find a way♥ running out of words

[19 May 2005|12:32pm]
[ mood | bored ]

home from school again becuase i couldnt move my wrist last night,
but at least i can move it today and its not broken;

canada tomorrow! yes, this should be fun;
theres a shit load of people going;
i dont even know who haha, oh well;

i dont know whats up with my "best friends" lately;
they always tell me they cant talk, or they cant hang out, but then go and do other stuff without me;
it seems like the only time they even wanna hang out with me is if they wanna hang out with nick or chris;
and i dindt even do anything to them, and thats pretty fucked up if thats whats going on, but whatever, i guess;

haha happy mel? im updating, becuase i never do;
oh well theres not much to say, besides, i swear to god mel if you quit lacrosse, im going to kill you;
i can practice for a week, thats it, but i'll still go, so you are playing, and thats that.

k well thats it, bye.

5 cant find a way♥ running out of words

[01 May 2005|12:10am]
oh shit son;
todd andy and cush just left after we finished watching the exorcist the beginnings;
and sarah and alex left too, so that leaves me all alone,

i think lexsar&i are the only ones though that thought that movie was funny;
me: satan's gay.
sar&lex: how do you figure?
me: his boyfriend is a, HITLER.
hahhaa, you had to be there, it was hilarious.

todd brought fight club over, but cush made us watch some stupid leprachon movie, and then they left, so i guess were not watching fight club;
no big. i'll just keep it and todd will never know;

haha we were in blockbuster and sar&lex kept taking pictures of the guy at the cash register because he was abnormally large;
i felt bad though becuase you could tell he knew, haha;
oh well, he'll get over it;

well tomorrow is my cousin breanne's benifit,
i guess a lot of people i know are going, which is cool;
im mad tired yo;

15 cant find a way♥ running out of words

[29 Apr 2005|06:51pm]
i need 5$;

well im most likely going out with heather d in a bit, so i really dont feel like updating;

1 cant find a way♥ running out of words

[13 Apr 2005|07:41pm]
[ mood | cold ]

first lacrosse practice today;
its was kinda cold out, but it was cool;

last friday me kato sara and lys went to the battle of the bands to see chris' band play;
they were pretty good, even though those retards dont have a singer..?
but they won anyway so i was happy;
after that we all went to dunkin doughnuts, cause were cool like that;

sat lys me kato and andrea slept at sara's;
it was fun, as always;
crazy shit, let me tell you;
but whatever;
i also helped heather pick out her prom dress, she looked soo pretty;

friday kato and lys are sleeping over, and were most likely hanging out with donnie, nick and chris;
you know how it is, since they DITCHED us last week because nick mattera was being retarded, but whatever;

its fucking freezing right now;
what the fuck, it was warm,
but NF is gangster so who knows;

yes, im going to the kenny chesney and gretchen wilson concert, im soo excited;

2 cant find a way♥ running out of words

[04 Apr 2005|08:42pm]
[ mood | content ]

tomorrow is mo's birthday;
on friday we sort of celebrated, after celebrating vinnie's 16th that is;
first mo, kato and i went to alyssas, then we went to toys r us, and got a birthday balloon and crown ( a bday card for vinnie);
then we went and saw the ring 2,
holy effin shit, that movie was soo scary;
i curled up in a little ball and hid behind my knees;
after that we went ot the mall for a bit, then to applebee's for vinnies b-day;
it was quite interesting;
then we just slept over mo's, made cupcakes and chilled;

friday we are going to a dance at mo's school;
i havent been to a dance all year, besides for a few parties and what not;
should be fun, i think;

i needneedneed my hair done,
im thinking mediem golden brown, and just a trim;
hopefully next week;

3 cant find a way♥ running out of words

[23 Mar 2005|11:09pm]
ring 2 tomorrow, bitchh;
awh shit, i cant believe im actually going to see that;

slept at lil heathers the other day and what else would we do. . .
besides watch poison ivy 2,
that is one intense movie, let me tell you;

&&& im getting my hair done next week,
yeah boyy;

8 cant find a way♥ running out of words

[23 Mar 2005|10:28pm]

running out of words

[08 Mar 2005|09:47pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

decided not to go to school today, eh no big;
stayed home and watched movies & what not;
thats always good, right?

im bringing alyssa 2 cupcakes tomorrow, with extra frosting, because i love her;
boys are ass holes, we've all learned that;
but its alright, because i make MADD good cupcakes!

tomorrow after school, im going to katey's;
havent been there in mad long, shall be fun;
after that, mommas most likely taking me shoe shopping;
i need flip flops and such for summer;
and i might get these really cute shoes from this one store, i forgot what its called,
but the shoes were adorible;

friday im going to a party,
just to wake up sat morning to babysit, but its aight;
the party's in lewisten, and theres a bunch of bands playing;
me and courtney are going, it should be quite fun;
the bands are supposed to be really good, so we will see;

momma and daddy are going out sat night,
hmm, what could this girl possibly do..?
i'll always keep you guessin;
ahaha, i have the house for the wholee night;

poison ivy 2 is an intense movie, but i love it anyway;
but its alright, just because its alyssa milano :O

gosh im tired;

2 cant find a way♥ running out of words

[05 Mar 2005|09:04pm]
i just took the quickest shower of my life, thinking sara was going to be able to sleep over,
but then my mom&dad were little bitches and said no, so whatever;
once they go to bed, im going to meet sara and were going for a walk;

well the past week, i was super sick, only went to school for 2 days,
and i only went those 2 days so i could go to ski club;
it was our last ski club, and just my luck, the boys werent there;
but whatever, its all good. . .
lys&i boarded again, and i must say, we did awesome;
lys fell a few times, i didnt fall once, i was excited, aha;
it was fun, next year were debating whether to board or ski, hmm;

sometime soon im dying my hair, once again;
havent decided what color this time yet though,
gosh im killing my hair, but oh well;
it will get used to it, right?

i need to go tanning, let me tell you;
at some cheap hotels they put tanning lights in them!
me and brat discovered that in SC, aha;
and that hotel was CHEAP, let me tell you, we were soo scared someone was gonna kill us, aha;
great timea, NC&SC. . . BRAD&PAUL, ahh yes;

i HATE my hair.

running out of words

[02 Mar 2005|10:01pm]
mmkayy, some one please buy me the following dvds;

- Charmed 1st season
- One Tree Hill 1st season;

i would absoultly LOVE you;

2 cant find a way♥ running out of words

[01 Mar 2005|07:47pm]
[ mood | sad ]

yep, didnt go to the concert, at last minute i got very very sick and couldnt go;
but eh, shit happenes;
gave my 2 tickets to brat&gabi, so they wouldnt go to waste, hope they have funn!


running out of words

[27 Feb 2005|09:11pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

okay im never reading again, sparknotes.com has all the info i need;

friday i skipped ski club to go hang out with alyssa, aha;
we went to lasertron with matt, lil vinny, joey, and noah;
my team kicked ass, let me tell you;

sat woke up for some community serivce with courtney, wasent that bad,
we really didnt do anything;
later that night, lys came over and she slept here;
we ate cupcakes(that i baked and they came out AMAZING) and watched movies, then went to bed;

we woke up, made pancakes, and watched charmed till kato got here;
we did the usual, went and got some moutain dew and what not, then they left;
and now im here;

i guess friday is our last ski club..?
alyssa is comming once again, and, of course, were boarding;
gotta meet our boyss, uughh john, now that i have his name;
we'll be waitingg;


my mother bought tickets to taste of country today, im excitedd;
i wanna go soo bad, and now i am!
but yep, thats it;

alyssa & i each got a pair of handcuffs, hmmm. . .
ohh the things we could do with those,
for me, im preparing for after i kidnap quinn on tuesday and tkae him back here, right?

im losing my voice, so its a tad bit weird to talk, but eh, shit happens;

5 cant find a way♥ running out of words

[25 Feb 2005|11:45pm]
[ mood | excited ]


mhmm, you know itt :)

running out of words

[24 Feb 2005|11:14pm]
[ mood | tired ]

in need of an update:

the weekend was well, the weekend,
enough said;

tuesday mo came to school! yes i was so happy to see her, even though i see her what, everysingle weekend?
aha but it was the thought that counts;

weds, me and brat left school at 11 to go home with my brother and todd;
twas quite intresting;
a few laughs and then we came back here, ordered pizza logs, then todd dropped brit back off at school for softball;

today i went to LMS ski club, and it started off great. . .
MY BOY WAS THERE, john, hung out with him and a few others;
numbers were exchanged;
but the down side, me and lys went into the bar with them, and miss gailie got very mad so we cant go back with them(as in ski club with LMS);
umm hello? we were sitting at a table in the back, not even at "the bar"
but whatever;


well tomorrow alyssa is comming home with me, then later were going to lasertron;
ohh gosh im excited, havent been to lasertron in FOREVER;

also good news, were getting a new car :)
momma wants a RANGE ROVER,
hell yes, i'll drive that baby aroundd;

hmm, my phone is dead;

ohh and it IS possible to get a cramp in your boob,
and on that note, im out;

1 cant find a way♥ running out of words

[21 Feb 2005|10:06pm]
4 day weekend, heck yes;

only one way to describe mine. . .


3 cant find a way♥ running out of words

[16 Feb 2005|09:36pm]


<3 <3 <3

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