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tomorrow is mo's birthday;
on friday we sort of celebrated, after celebrating vinnie's 16th that is;
first mo, kato and i went to alyssas, then we went to toys r us, and got a birthday balloon and crown ( a bday card for vinnie);
then we went and saw the ring 2,
holy effin shit, that movie was soo scary;
i curled up in a little ball and hid behind my knees;
after that we went ot the mall for a bit, then to applebee's for vinnies b-day;
it was quite interesting;
then we just slept over mo's, made cupcakes and chilled;

friday we are going to a dance at mo's school;
i havent been to a dance all year, besides for a few parties and what not;
should be fun, i think;

i needneedneed my hair done,
im thinking mediem golden brown, and just a trim;
hopefully next week;
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