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first lacrosse practice today;
its was kinda cold out, but it was cool;

last friday me kato sara and lys went to the battle of the bands to see chris' band play;
they were pretty good, even though those retards dont have a singer..?
but they won anyway so i was happy;
after that we all went to dunkin doughnuts, cause were cool like that;

sat lys me kato and andrea slept at sara's;
it was fun, as always;
crazy shit, let me tell you;
but whatever;
i also helped heather pick out her prom dress, she looked soo pretty;

friday kato and lys are sleeping over, and were most likely hanging out with donnie, nick and chris;
you know how it is, since they DITCHED us last week because nick mattera was being retarded, but whatever;

its fucking freezing right now;
what the fuck, it was warm,
but NF is gangster so who knows;

yes, im going to the kenny chesney and gretchen wilson concert, im soo excited;
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